Grown from a mutual love of vintage synthesizers, classic disco, and house, 88 Palms is Morgan Wiley of Midnight Magic/ex Hercules & Love Affair on keyboards and production, with vocalist/songwriter Ria Bouttier realizing their beachy, tropical disco dreams. 

88 Palms is a re-awakening of disco crate digging, a throwback to the glory days and decadence of Studio 54, with an eclectic and updated look and sound. 

88 Palms showcases a wide range of influences and pays homage to Jazz, Soul, Funk, Boogie, Blues, Techno, House, Disco, Electronica to Psych, resulting in a sultry, synth-pop fueled dance sound. Hailing from the deserts of Las Vegas and Utah, as well as both having spent time in Los Angeles, 88 Palms combines the spacious sonic landscapes of the West with the tight production sounds of classic New York dance music. 

The “Love Safari EP” was recorded at Midnight Sun Studios in Greenpoint, Brooklyn over the course of a year and features Caito Sanchez (Midnight Magic, Charles Bradley, Lee Fields) on percussion, Jim Orso (Escort), Tyler Pope (LCD Soundsystem), Ben Campbell on bass, and Nick Roseboro (Midnight Magic) on horns.